The Benefits of Security Film or Safety Film

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Hurricane approaching Florida

Security film, or safety film, is an enhanced type of window tinting film that goes beyond the standard protection against sunlight. The most often-repeated value of window tinting film is its ability to reduce significantly the glare and wear caused by ultraviolet rays from the sun. This lasting benefit is significant, but it’s only part of the picture of the good done by window tinting.

Safety Film [is] a very useful and legitimate retrofit mitigation device for hurricane and other severe windstorm protection. [emphasis added]

Safety film does work, and can provide substantial personal protection from broken glass while helping to maintain the integrity of the building envelope in the face of increased wind-loads and windborne debris.

(This quotation was taken directly from a report published by the International Window Film Association: Click here to view the full report in PDF format in a separate browser window. )

What is Security Film?

Security film is a premium window film that adds numerous layers of protection to normal residential and office window tinting. These extra layers of film provide additional tensile support to the glass in windows that otherwise may shatter or crack under severe, sudden stresses.

Choosing to have safety film installed in your home or office is a key decision for many people to protect against the coming storm season, as well as evergreen window vulnerabilities like vandalism and burglary.

Yes, hurricane season is coming up again soon. Gale-force winds, rain, branches whipping past. We Southeast Floridians know it well. This is the time of year that folks in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding areas really need to batten down the hatches by ensuring that they’re prepared for the worst. As hurricane season comes upon us, it’s crucial that everyone in Broward and Palm Beach Counties is aware that window films can do much more than reduce glare.

Glass Breaking, Bending, Tearing, and Rending

Glass alone is vulnerable. Distributed force from strong storm winds can stress weak points in a pane of glass, making those points even weaker and more prone to breakage. Security film distributes the stress from wind throughout the pane, resisting breakage through its elasticity. As security film holds a pane of glass together, it allows the glass to bend more than it would otherwise, thus keeping it whole and intact.

And as all Southeast Floridians are aware, hurricane season brings more than just strong winds. Those winds carry debris, which can cause damage and shattering from strong, concentrated impacts. Security film protects against these types of window stresses as well; where the concentrated force would only need to break through one layer of glass alone, with security film, that same debris would need to tear through layers upon layers of durable film before reaching the glass.

Protection Against Burglary

Concentrated impact also doesn’t just mean protecting your home or office from accidental damage during a storm. Security window tinting film is also a strong deterrent against burglary.

Consider the nature of most burglars: they’re looking to quickly gain entry to your home and steal valuables before they’re caught. Not only does the security film resist catastrophic shattering by instruments intentionally used to break into your home, but windows with safety film take longer to break. And the moment a burglar realizes it’s going to take longer to break into your home is the moment that burglar decides to move on.

If you didn’t think it was a good idea before, or if you were on the fence about treating your home or office with security window tinting films, now may be the time to make that choice. Not only are you adding protection against the ravages of harmful, sustained sunlight, but you’re also adding layers of significant protection against wind, rain, and storm debris, and you might even protect yourself from intentional break-ins.

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