How to Control the Amount of Light Coming Through Your Windows With Window Tinting

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People in southeast Florida understand the importance of controlling the amount of light coming into their homes or offices. The simple application of window tinting to your windows easily gives us the light blockage we need to protect ourselves and our belongings from sunlight damage, but the catch is that we sacrifice the look of [...]

The Benefits of Security Film or Safety Film

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Security film, or safety film, is an enhanced type of window tinting film that goes beyond the standard protection against sunlight. The most often-repeated value of window tinting film is its ability to reduce significantly the glare and wear caused by ultraviolet rays from the sun. This lasting benefit is significant, but it’s only part [...]

The Benefits of Window Tinting

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The Benefits of Window Tinting Walls, roofs, and doors make up a home, but windows provide our view onto the world around us. The cost of that gorgeous sunlight streaming through your beautiful West Palm Beach windows can be high, though, increasing your home’s energy usage to cool the air, as well as causing lasting [...]

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