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Lantana FL Window Tinting

Southeastern Energy has served the Lantana FL area for twenty years.

We carry solar, security and storm window films, as well as other window tinting films for more specific needs.

Lantanans suffer higher cooling bills because of infrared light that enters their windows. Where other types of light are reflected and cause glare, infrared light seeps into objects and heats them with its energy.

On the other side of the spectrum is ultraviolet light. UV is the invisible form of light that causes us to tan at the beach, but also causes actual material damage over time, making our furnishings dry, bleached, and brittle.

Visible light is only a small part of light’s spectrum, though clearly the most important of the three types to maintain in a home or office.

Because of these distinctions between types of light, window film technology has advanced in such a way that, through layering the film, it’s possible to isolate and block both ultraviolet and infrared light from entering our windows, thus maintaining the clear look while also preventing heat and damage to our belongings.

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