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Here in Southeast Florida, there’s always a chance your home could become the target of either inclement weather or intrusion and vandalism by others. Security window tinting films help guard against these unfortunate incidents.

Let Southeast Energy grant you a bit of peace of mind as you consider how hurricanes, debris, and deliberate vandalism might affect your lives:

  • Residential and commercial window films offered by Southeast Energy are designed with tiny layers that focus on filtering different types of light. The same is true for security films, but with added layers of durability to prevent tearing and breakage of the underlying windows.
  • Glass is brittle and breaks easily, as many homeowners know from incidental use. Security films add flexibility and cohesion to windows and absorb significant forces from high-velocity wind and rain. Safety films can also localize or remove impact damage that would otherwise cause the window to shatter.
  • Those who choose to break into others’ homes do so because it can be easy to smash, grab, and flee. Security films act as deterrents by making windows harder to shatter, and thereby reducing a window’s chance of being used as an entry to your home.

Hanita Coating Safety Window Films

When it comes to what windows must endure, there are few windows that experience more damage on a consistent basis than those in Israel. They are consistently pummeled with sand, high winds, damaging debris, and numerous other elements. This is an ideal location for window film testing so that those living in other harsh environments around the world know how much protection to expect from their window films. The Hanita coating security window films are used in locations such as the Ben Gurion Tel Aviv Israeli Airport for glass protection, which allows for commercial exposure testing as well.

Surpass Strict European Standards

Hanita coating security window films surpass the strict European standards that Floridians need for their windows, offering homeowners storm protection film to help keep their windows protected during bad weather, burglary protection film to help prevent a break in, and security window tinting to help keep prying eyes out of their homes. They are durable, dependable, and tough enough to withstand whatever Mother Nature has in store them.

No matter what part of Florida you call home, Hanita coating window films has the window films that your windows need. Keep the damaging effects of UV rays off of your beloved furniture, keep your utility bills under control, and help protect your home this hurricane season simply by adding the window films the world depends on, to your home. Let Hanita coating window films help protect your home, so you have one less thing to worry about.

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