Window Tinting for the Boca Raton Summer

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Home in Weston Hills Country Club.

Window tinting in a home in Weston Hills Country Club – now keeping out 87% of heat and 99% of damaging UV’s without losing the beautiful view

The warmer seasons are going to be upon us in the Boca Raton area soon, which means it is time to think about window tinting not only to keep you cool, but to keep your bills down and protect the interior of your home or business.

Window tinting has great impact

Window tinting has a much greater impact on the amount of heat and/or sunlight that enters your home or business than even the most expensive window treatments that promise to block the light and keep the heat out.

If you have not considered residential window tinting or commercial window tinting yet, you might want to get started on the process, as window tinting is best installed during the warm seasons.

Keep Cool with Residential or Commercial Window Tinting

The sun, while pretty and good for your health, can be a real source of problems for your home or business. During the heat of the summer, your rooms can get real hot real fast, forcing you to use your air conditioning unit extensively. This not only increases your bills and wastes energy; it also places extensive wear and tear on the AC unit.

Most heat enters your residence or business through the windows

A majority of the heat that enters your residence or business is through your windows, which if not protected by window tinting, can cause extensive issues. With the right window tinting, not only will the heat be kept out of your home or business, but the cool air will also remain inside. This means that you will use the air conditioner less, pay less for utilities and have fewer repair bills.

Window Tinting Protects the Interior of your Home or Business

Just like you wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun and sunblock to protect your skin, your furniture, window treatments and accessories need a level of protection from the sun’s UV rays. Window tinting helps to protect your home or business from the damaging rays by as much as 99 percent, depending on the level of tint you choose. This will help to prevent fading and premature replacement of items that are in the direct path of the sun’s rays.

Shield Yourself from the Sun with Window Tinting

Just like your furniture, you could be at risk for damage from the sun while inside your own home or business if the windows are not protected from the UV rays. If you have wide open windows that allow plenty of light to flow in, you are exposing your skin to the damaging UV rays that the Boca Raton area sun provides.

While you might remember to wear sunblock when you are out at the beach, chances are you are not wearing it at home or work. This could mean that you are putting your skin at risk for serious damage. With the right window tinting, you will prevent the rays from getting into the building, eliminating the risk of sunburn or skin cancer from occurring to you in your own home or business.

Now is the time to protect your home with window tinting!

If you have never considered window tinting for your Boca Raton area home’s or business’ windows, now is the perfect time to get started. As the warmer seasons come upon us, your home or business, utilities and your skin are in danger of serious damage. Why not provide the best protection possible with the right window tinting to give the sun outside, where it belongs?

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